Overseas Missions

One Step at a Time

Good News Haitian Baptist Church is a Christian Ministry located in Snellville, Georgia. The ministry was established in 2004 with a full understanding of the Great Commission. As a part of our call, in 2012 the ministry embarked on its Mission work in Marmont.

Marmont, Haiti is a little village located six miles from Hinche Plateau Central. It has a population of 4,000 people. In this area of Haiti, there was no Evangelical Christian Church, and there is no medical center and no public market. During our first mission in July 2012, we spent four days evangelizing and hosted a four-night crusade. 80 Believers came to Christ. With Voodoo being prevalent in the area, there was a necessity to build a church in this part of Haiti. The church is three years old now and 150 people have come to Christ.  We need to continue the work that has been established in Marmont, Haiti.